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Potato Chip Rock: San Diego Amazing Landmark

There’s a big rock in Poway Lake that looks really like a potato chip. Every time I show my friends picture of me sitting on this rock, everybody says “Wow! How can you do that? Is that scary?” I would say it wasn’t scary but it’s tired. 

Potato Chip Rock is located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California. The trail is 8 miles hiking with uphill climb in first half and rough road in second haft. It will take 3-4 hours to reach the top so I recommend to get up early and not to hike in summer. I was told that what I need is a big bottle of water (which I wanted to throw it away every 5 min), good hiking shoes (just a good sneaker is fine), strong heart (indeed!), sunscreen lotion and, the must, a camera (or your smart phone that can take a photo) to get some nice pictures with potato chip rock.

While I was hiking in the trail, there’re some moments I thought that I should get back and find something to eat instead of doing this stupid activity. I was faint and felt like I was dying because I’m not a sporty person. My friend who hiked with me encouraged me and cheered me up until we reached the top. And when I saw potato chip rock, I suddenly knew why people hike through this tough trail to reach this.

Potato chip rock offers an amazing background to take pictures. It looks like I'm on the ledge of a cliff. The views and scenery from the top of the mountain are Breathtaking. It was a valuable experience for me and I recommend you to try if you have a chance to visit San Diego. It can be your "once in a lifetime" moment as mine.